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If It’s not about the DISC test then what is this blog about?

January 29, 2010

Resources Unlimited – If It’s Not About DISC Tests Then What Is This Blog Talking About?
Resources Unlimited is a non-profit organization. That simply means we’re not trying to make a profit. Does it mean that we are not interested or that we don’t need to have more money at the end of our transactions than we started off with – absolutely not! Does it mean that we are not interested in, or trying to keep from paying taxes? Absolutely not! Does it mean that we are trying to stand on a soap box? Not at all! It does mean that we are a community of individuals, partners, organizations, businesses and a host of others that are working together to get as many resources of all types into the hands of others that need those resources? Yes. Are we a cooperative? No, do we cooperate with each other to accomplish common goals? Yes. Are we a network organization? No, do we network with as many others, with similar values, to accomplish goals, dreams and visions? Yes. Are we dreamers? No. Do we dream? Yes. We are interested in helping ourselves and others help others and themselves. We need your feedback! We want to know what your resource needs are. What is the one thing that you need the most right now? It may be a DISC test. It may be direction. It could be a personality test. It could be a new car, a home, a friend or maybe you need a scholarship to finish a degree. You might need a grant or an endowment to help you complete a landscape design project at your home. You could just need some information, a class, a seminar or virtually anything that you can think of. Are you afraid to ask? Don’t know who to ask? Not sure if it exists? Not confident that it’s really what you need or want? Not sure how to ask or if it is appropriate to ask? Jesus said that you have not because you ask not or that you ask amiss! Which implies that if you ask and if you ask the right thing at the right time at the right place and if your motivation for asking is not totally self focused, then you can and will get what you ask for? Come on ask?! What one thing that you can ask us for today that will change you way of thinking about asking if you ask for it and get it? Come on ask?! We’re going to ask for one thing from you today. Ask us where you can get the one thing that you’re so much trying to find right now and when you ask this question in the comment space provided below, sign up for our email subscription and receive our latest article with a reminder to go to for all of our latest resource posts, links and resources. Thanks for reading – TKR


Blogging at Denny’s again!

January 19, 2010

This place has such writing charm. A perfume street salesman just came in to try to sell the waitresses perfume. They don’t smell good. The perfumes not the waitresses. What a blast? He’s trying the chef now. With that smell on him he better buy some or his wife might give him a thrashing. The guy needs a new hustle. Now, about resources… Check out Cox Farms Market in Duncanville Texas for real good organic and farm raised foods at real good prices. This will be a short post, lot’s of admin work going on tonight. So the recap is simply, great writing spot – Denny’s, some crazy street vendor goings on and you can get great food at decent prices in Duncanville at Cox Farms Market. See you soon TKR

A cool website that I found while searching for our blog!

January 12, 2010  This site is all about the disc profile types and disc profile analysis.  They offer these disc profiles online there are apparently several different disc profile patterns that can be determined through a series of disc profile questions and this composes the entire disc profile system when the disc profile test is added to the bundle.  There is disc profile training, free disc profiles, free disc profile tests, free online disc profiles, paper disc profiles.  You can get a complete disc profile explanation from their site.  You can take the disc profile personality test, order the disc profile book or books, along with many other disc profile products.  Including disc profile reports, disc profile results, disc profile software and disc personality analysis.  You can learn all of the disc personality types and apparently your own disc personality type.  You can take a free disc personality test and get your free disc personality profile.  This site is apparently everything disc. Again all of this free stuff will keep you active enough (the marketing media on the internet says if you actively participate in a site more than eight times the odds are you are going to buy something.  So what does this disc stuff have to do with unlimited resources?  From what I can tell it is just their philosophy of all of the resource that you will need are inside of you and when you understand your personality type and the other psychological things that these tests reveal about you and your personality type then you be able to tape those resources thus giving you unlimited potential.  Is this a site with the unlimited resources that most of us common searchers are looking for?  I don’t think so. Can you learn about your personality and some other pertinent things about yourself and probably others?    You can learn some stuff about Microsoft access training, it training, ms project training, corporate training, sales training, management training, pmp training tools, web design training, training assessment tools and psychological assessments and profiling, coaching, team building seminars about disc profiling and training and a host of other stuff about disc training.  But you want to find out about where to get help for autism, homelessness, poverty, diabetes, kidney associations, grants, Alzheimer’s, where the “Free Stuff” (best bargains and no pay back loans, where to get the best of all of the resources that you are looking for?  You need to come back here, to the blog.  Thanks for hanging out with me today at Denny’s. TKR

WI-FI a very cool tool and resource!

January 12, 2010


One real cool resource and computer tool to know about is WI-Fi. Of course you should know that working form a lap top is almost always better than working from a PC. Why is that? The mobility factor plays a key role. This alone is enough to keep you focused on utilizing this tool over the PC. Some folks prefer the MAC (Apple) over the PC because of security and large memories and some other goodies that they are famous for. Yet I still work on a windows compatible lap top, mainly because of its commonality and availability along with the major portion of American people.

Some users still equate laptops with downtime due mainly to hard drive crashes from not having enough RAM (virtual memory). Yet these problems can be considered obsolete with the demand for larger hard drives and RAM memories because of the many video and audio demands of the younger public. In fact computer electronics become so much more user friendly each day because of consumer demands primarily based on their entertainment values, which makes it so much more economical for those of us who work on the internet. Especially if you want to write or you need to promote yourself on the internet. There are so many cool free tools available to utilize in site form. We will get into those later.

Back to WI-FI – I kind of got sidetracked – The thing about WI-FI is you can access it for free in so many places, like the Denny’s that I’m writing in right now. It is a very common thing to find in college towns and it’s almost everywhere in these towns. You can’t do this if you are on your PC. If you are a writer or blogger the coolest thing about this is the ambiance and the atmosphere. Inspiration is so alive when you’re in these settings. For instance right now there are a couple of girls and guys from the local college (UTA) they are talking about their friends who drink too much, some of which cheat and the like. There is a video flat screen playing the local Denny’s XM radio or satellite TV station. It gives a triple window with a power point of one of the Pussy Cat Dolls while she is singing in the main window and the power point is playing on a smaller open window to the right of the main window and just below that is the time and temperature. Normally, I don’t do any editing while I’m writing but it’s kind of fun to try to perfect what I’m writing as I go tonight. Well the ambiance made me feel competitive and like a celebrity writer in a play or TV screen play. Which is a popular and constant thought of mine, since being the # one blogger in America is one of my favorite meditations and goals. Anyway you know that fun and passion should be a particular aspect of what you do for a living.

Lap tops and WI-FI rule. Why? You can take a Lap top with you where ever you go and the WI-FI is free in most places. For the sake of our other ramblings and musings from other blogs and writing venues, let me qualify free – at Denny’s you still have to buy the coffee or tea to work well in your network and being kind, although a free gift still has to come from inside you and you have to give it away. So technically it’s not free, but the cost is usually minimal considering the payoff and lots of time the cost is just as rewarding as the dividend. WI-FI is a very cool tool. But it requires a laptop.

About Free Money

January 11, 2010

Hey seekers. What about all of those guys out there hawking “Free money” at $24.99 and $59.99? Well obviously they didn’t really mean free or it wouldn’t cost you to get the book to find out where to get the “Free Money” at. Let’s face it, our parents were right – “Nothings Free”, yep if it claims to be free, they are lying, yep lying!!! Nothing is free! Now there are some great places to get grants and low interest loans. There are places where you can get help when you are in a crisis, places that you can get free seminars, free education, low cost and I do mean low cost advice, with high quality returns and there are people, organizations, churches, food pantries, food banks, food co-ops, clothes closets, and libraries that tell you where you can get all of these things. But everything has a price or someone has to pay for it even if you didn’t. So if you have a desire to get help, donations, gifts, grants, low cost to no interests loans and all of the “Free Money” programs that are out there, then stick with me here at the Resources Unlimited blog. We are going to uncover, expose, reveal, search and find every worthwhile grant and “stuff” resource, for any worthy purpose that you are seeking this information for. Why? What’s in it for me? Yep, there is something in it for me! In fact my favorite radio station is WIFM!! So here is what’s in it for me – #1 I get to help people?! #2 I get to know where all of these resources are too. Psychologists say that the #1 desire of all people is to be recognized! The thing is what do you want to be recognized for? Me, I want to be recognized as the guy who helps people get what they’re looking for! I am motivated to do this because I was taught that you can do whatever that you put your mind to, that with God – nothing is impossible and that I should dream big, think big and do great things. I found out that to do what I want includes helping people get what they want out of life. I’ve got a lot of life stories that I will be sharing from time to time in these posts. But for now suffice to say that what I really want to know is what do you want? What is your dream? What does your future hold for you? It has been said that we are the summation of all of the choices that we’ve made up to now! Well, what are your God given dreams? Where do you see yourself in ten, five or even at the end of this year? Come on take this challenge with me?! Take this awesome journy that we call life! Let’s find our dreams, let’s find our friends passions and let’s find the resources together to make them come true! TKR formerly known as Pas, Keith “UnderDawg” Russell

League of Extraordinary Minds Panel Eight

January 9, 2010

One of the best panels so far. Basically because the panelists concentrated on simplicity as the central
tool to change and the central tool to maintaining what works already. Everyone on the panel was
great. Rich and Jay – as always superbly and masterfully interviewing from the heart. Herb Cohen was
my favorite panelist, I’ve mentored under his writings for some time now. It was wonderful how he
down played as he spoke of down playing or starting from a very low keyed stance while maintaining a
candor of not being the best looking or smartest guy, from his wonderfully subtle New York and ethnic
style. I’m as southern as they come but I love Herb and his statement about America needing these
tools right now couldn’t be truer told. Thank the League and pass the ammunition!