About Free Money

January 11, 2010

Hey seekers. What about all of those guys out there hawking “Free money” at $24.99 and $59.99? Well obviously they didn’t really mean free or it wouldn’t cost you to get the book to find out where to get the “Free Money” at. Let’s face it, our parents were right – “Nothings Free”, yep if it claims to be free, they are lying, yep lying!!! Nothing is free! Now there are some great places to get grants and low interest loans. There are places where you can get help when you are in a crisis, places that you can get free seminars, free education, low cost and I do mean low cost advice, with high quality returns and there are people, organizations, churches, food pantries, food banks, food co-ops, clothes closets, and libraries that tell you where you can get all of these things. But everything has a price or someone has to pay for it even if you didn’t. So if you have a desire to get help, donations, gifts, grants, low cost to no interests loans and all of the “Free Money” programs that are out there, then stick with me here at the Resources Unlimited blog. We are going to uncover, expose, reveal, search and find every worthwhile grant and “stuff” resource, for any worthy purpose that you are seeking this information for. Why? What’s in it for me? Yep, there is something in it for me! In fact my favorite radio station is WIFM!! So here is what’s in it for me – #1 I get to help people?! #2 I get to know where all of these resources are too. Psychologists say that the #1 desire of all people is to be recognized! The thing is what do you want to be recognized for? Me, I want to be recognized as the guy who helps people get what they’re looking for! I am motivated to do this because I was taught that you can do whatever that you put your mind to, that with God – nothing is impossible and that I should dream big, think big and do great things. I found out that to do what I want includes helping people get what they want out of life. I’ve got a lot of life stories that I will be sharing from time to time in these posts. But for now suffice to say that what I really want to know is what do you want? What is your dream? What does your future hold for you? It has been said that we are the summation of all of the choices that we’ve made up to now! Well, what are your God given dreams? Where do you see yourself in ten, five or even at the end of this year? Come on take this challenge with me?! Take this awesome journy that we call life! Let’s find our dreams, let’s find our friends passions and let’s find the resources together to make them come true! TKR formerly known as Pas, Keith “UnderDawg” Russell


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