WI-FI a very cool tool and resource!

January 12, 2010


One real cool resource and computer tool to know about is WI-Fi. Of course you should know that working form a lap top is almost always better than working from a PC. Why is that? The mobility factor plays a key role. This alone is enough to keep you focused on utilizing this tool over the PC. Some folks prefer the MAC (Apple) over the PC because of security and large memories and some other goodies that they are famous for. Yet I still work on a windows compatible lap top, mainly because of its commonality and availability along with the major portion of American people.

Some users still equate laptops with downtime due mainly to hard drive crashes from not having enough RAM (virtual memory). Yet these problems can be considered obsolete with the demand for larger hard drives and RAM memories because of the many video and audio demands of the younger public. In fact computer electronics become so much more user friendly each day because of consumer demands primarily based on their entertainment values, which makes it so much more economical for those of us who work on the internet. Especially if you want to write or you need to promote yourself on the internet. There are so many cool free tools available to utilize in site form. We will get into those later.

Back to WI-FI – I kind of got sidetracked – The thing about WI-FI is you can access it for free in so many places, like the Denny’s that I’m writing in right now. It is a very common thing to find in college towns and it’s almost everywhere in these towns. You can’t do this if you are on your PC. If you are a writer or blogger the coolest thing about this is the ambiance and the atmosphere. Inspiration is so alive when you’re in these settings. For instance right now there are a couple of girls and guys from the local college (UTA) they are talking about their friends who drink too much, some of which cheat and the like. There is a video flat screen playing the local Denny’s XM radio or satellite TV station. It gives a triple window with a power point of one of the Pussy Cat Dolls while she is singing in the main window and the power point is playing on a smaller open window to the right of the main window and just below that is the time and temperature. Normally, I don’t do any editing while I’m writing but it’s kind of fun to try to perfect what I’m writing as I go tonight. Well the ambiance made me feel competitive and like a celebrity writer in a play or TV screen play. Which is a popular and constant thought of mine, since being the # one blogger in America is one of my favorite meditations and goals. Anyway you know that fun and passion should be a particular aspect of what you do for a living.

Lap tops and WI-FI rule. Why? You can take a Lap top with you where ever you go and the WI-FI is free in most places. For the sake of our other ramblings and musings from other blogs and writing venues, let me qualify free – at Denny’s you still have to buy the coffee or tea to work well in your network and being kind, although a free gift still has to come from inside you and you have to give it away. So technically it’s not free, but the cost is usually minimal considering the payoff and lots of time the cost is just as rewarding as the dividend. WI-FI is a very cool tool. But it requires a laptop.


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