Blogging at Denny’s again!

January 19, 2010

This place has such writing charm. A perfume street salesman just came in to try to sell the waitresses perfume. They don’t smell good. The perfumes not the waitresses. What a blast? He’s trying the chef now. With that smell on him he better buy some or his wife might give him a thrashing. The guy needs a new hustle. Now, about resources… Check out Cox Farms Market in Duncanville Texas for real good organic and farm raised foods at real good prices. This will be a short post, lot’s of admin work going on tonight. So the recap is simply, great writing spot – Denny’s, some crazy street vendor goings on and you can get great food at decent prices in Duncanville at Cox Farms Market. See you soon TKR


One Response to “Blogging at Denny’s again!”

  1. David Russell Says:

    I love Denny’s. Denny’s is a relaxing place, not too much traffic in your face.
    The David Russell

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