If It’s not about the DISC test then what is this blog about?

January 29, 2010

Resources Unlimited – If It’s Not About DISC Tests Then What Is This Blog Talking About?
Resources Unlimited is a non-profit organization. That simply means we’re not trying to make a profit. Does it mean that we are not interested or that we don’t need to have more money at the end of our transactions than we started off with – absolutely not! Does it mean that we are not interested in, or trying to keep from paying taxes? Absolutely not! Does it mean that we are trying to stand on a soap box? Not at all! It does mean that we are a community of individuals, partners, organizations, businesses and a host of others that are working together to get as many resources of all types into the hands of others that need those resources? Yes. Are we a cooperative? No, do we cooperate with each other to accomplish common goals? Yes. Are we a network organization? No, do we network with as many others, with similar values, to accomplish goals, dreams and visions? Yes. Are we dreamers? No. Do we dream? Yes. We are interested in helping ourselves and others help others and themselves. We need your feedback! We want to know what your resource needs are. What is the one thing that you need the most right now? It may be a DISC test. It may be direction. It could be a personality test. It could be a new car, a home, a friend or maybe you need a scholarship to finish a degree. You might need a grant or an endowment to help you complete a landscape design project at your home. You could just need some information, a class, a seminar or virtually anything that you can think of. Are you afraid to ask? Don’t know who to ask? Not sure if it exists? Not confident that it’s really what you need or want? Not sure how to ask or if it is appropriate to ask? Jesus said that you have not because you ask not or that you ask amiss! Which implies that if you ask and if you ask the right thing at the right time at the right place and if your motivation for asking is not totally self focused, then you can and will get what you ask for? Come on ask?! What one thing that you can ask us for today that will change you way of thinking about asking if you ask for it and get it? Come on ask?! We’re going to ask for one thing from you today. Ask us where you can get the one thing that you’re so much trying to find right now and when you ask this question in the comment space provided below, sign up for our email subscription and receive our latest article with a reminder to go to https://resourcesunlimited.wordpress.com for all of our latest resource posts, links and resources. Thanks for reading – TKR


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