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So I’m starting a Blogging at Denny’s blog!

February 24, 2010

Hey ya’ll,  You might remember a couple of articles that I wrote a while back about blogging at Denny’s.  Well, I got so much good input from my final draft editor and from my paper publishers editor that I’ve decided to write a Blogging at Denny’s Blog.  It’s already up at but I haven’t choose a templete design, widgets or anything yet.  How ever I will have it “cooking (pardon the pun) with gas this coming week!  That makes over 32 blogs!  Wow I have to work where I eat to just get to eat!  Let me know about your ideas by email at .

I am going to have a blog opening up on the platform very soon.  I”ll keep you guys posted (another punny statement)!  Help me and my webmdesigner/hosting guy ( ) figure out how to make my website the best it can be, by checking it out and emailing your suggestions to .  The site link is .  Thanks gang. TKR


Were on Facebook!!!

February 19, 2010

We started a group on Facebook about a week ago.  We invited our friends to join. I checked in and put some news on our wall yesterday and realized that we already have seventeen members.  I posted the following posts.

Were growing – Pass the word, call someone and tell them, email all of your contacts a short note, post us on your blog, tweet us, or put a blurb on your face book wall!

Write your wish list here, email it to or give us a call at – 817-417-4706 X 328

I want to thank all of you new members personally. We are embarking on
a journey together that will change lives for the better and literally
change our world! You guys have made the first step. So let’s get bold.
Send us your needs/wish list.

Invite your friends to become members and to let them know about some of our services. We offer a lot more and will be forwarding updates on all donations to this face book page. Plus we can give receipts for tax deductible donations and have our non-profit tax I.D. and City of Arlington DBA. Plus we will be offering so…me awesome incentives for those of you who have the heart to follow through and help those that need you. We will help you help yourself and help others.

We need online and phone volunteers! We are also looking for transportation for small trips and jaunts in the Arlington – Dallas/Fort Worth Areas. Fuel paid for short trips to Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding metro areas. Also monthly trips to far East Dallas and the Mabank, Canton Athens areas! We have some in… kind donations to offer for barters and are receiving donations of small furniture, household items, working electronics, music items and equipment and a number of other items! email: Phone: 817-427-4706 X328 you can leave notes and comments on our blog at or to pledge or give your donations.

Come on in and get involved.  We are already getting responses on these posts.  Resources  Unlimited Group on Facebook.

Help Us Support The American Diabetes Association

February 15, 2010

Go to the Social Vibe Gadget on our blog and do some of the activities to help us suport The American Diabetes Association.  It’s FREE and it really helps!   Also visit their site at

Grants Galore!

February 15, 2010

Notice our new about page.  We are looking forward to getting some new resources into our blog.  There is a new link called in the Grants and resources category, check it out.  It is the local clearing house type of library that you can join for just $100.00 per year and get the best grant research tools for the entire area in the entire D/FW area.  They are the, Funding Information Center and are the central clearing house for all government grants, endowments, scholarships and virtually any grant, no- payback loan, and private foundation source grants, endowments, in-kind donations, training, and philanthropically sound seminars and education in the entire system.  This place is awesome.  The director is accommodating and professional as are all of the volunteers.

You can visit this place in person in Fort Worth or work completely on-line.  Their contact information is on the site. Think about it for less than $8.35 per month you can have access to everything that the grant hawkers have been trying to sell you for years.  The educational workshops seminars and classes will cost you a fraction of what they would if you don’t become a member and almost nothing if you do become a member, compared to what these hawkers and professional consultants charge to do the same thing that they will teach and make available to you. You can do it better yourself, because you know more what to search for and how to present it better than any third party would.  If you choose to you could turn around and offer your services to others and know how to do it professionally, scrupulously, with integrity and legally. There are laws about the offering of these services for fees and they can teach you about this too.  You can learn all about how to start a non-profit organization and find all of the tools and resources that you will need to do it at the Funding Information Center. Check them out.

Renew Your Resources!

February 14, 2010

I’m on my way to Church to renew my resources!

If He Knows What We Need, Why Ask?

February 13, 2010

He said we have not, because we ask not or because we ask to consume it upon our own lust or to use for ourselves even though we don’t consider how it affects others or more importantly if we have considered or asked Him how HE feels about it.

So to ask and to ask correctly we should ask Him and consider how it affects his purposes for our lives and the ones that it will affect.

So it is about humility not how much particularly.  Size and other weights are in His hands.  He wants to know that we are interested in the size and measures that He wants.  But true humility asks!

So if you have a physical need or desire He wants to be involved with how it works for you therefore HE wants us to ask. So it is more important to know what to ask for than it is to ask for something!  How do we know what to ask for?  Ask and ye shall receive. It’s not about not asking because we don’t deserve it or that HE doesn’t want to bless us it’s about who to ask, how to ask, when to ask, what to ask, where to ask, not if or should.

So how do we know these things about asking?  Ask!!

How To Accomplish Anything You Desire!!!

February 12, 2010

There is a mentality in our country, propagated by the secular press, it is a mentality of lack, it is rooted in terroristic manipulation and it represents a commonality of the secular media and its propagated buzz!  It says that we of the earth are running out of stuff.  i.e., gold, oil, food, wheat, grains of all types,  they talk about being out of time out of place and out of everything that they can think of to scare us and keep us wondering about our own survival.

O.K., how did we run out of gold? Did it leave the planet? Did it get sent to another planet?  Where did it actually go?  The answer of course is simple – We haven’t run out of gold.  It is still here on the earth.  It’s just in the hands of extremely rich people and nations.  What about oil?  Is it as scarce as we are told?  Do we understand physics in a basic way?  Are we just plain ignorant?  I don’t think so!  Are we out of oil?  I don’t think so!  The physics do not compute!  What about food?  Are we out of food?  We have all heard at least one story about how the governments and key players in this deal have hoarded up food in secrete locations!

So let’s put this into some sensible order!  We know that we have not been given the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind! So we don’t have to, in fact we are commanded to fear not.  And if we spend less time listening to all of these other voices and seek the kingdom of God and His right standing He will supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus! There is defiantly more to come on this subject! Stay tuned and stay focused on what you have and not what you don’t have and remember that Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within you!!!  TKR   Want a treat check out

Welcome to SBA-Information – Your source for Small Business Administration (SBA) information!

February 6, 2010


via Welcome to SBA-Information – Your source for Small Business Administration (SBA) information!.

Rich Shefren at Strategic Profits is kicking it again with another awesome marketing perspective. Check it out!

February 3, 2010

Remember my League of Extraordinary minds posting series.  Well Rich Shefren is doing it again with his unique perspective and sensible no nonsense blogging style.  Check him out at to catch his series on How Three Blog Posts Cause Explosive Traffic