If He Knows What We Need, Why Ask?

February 13, 2010

He said we have not, because we ask not or because we ask to consume it upon our own lust or to use for ourselves even though we don’t consider how it affects others or more importantly if we have considered or asked Him how HE feels about it.

So to ask and to ask correctly we should ask Him and consider how it affects his purposes for our lives and the ones that it will affect.

So it is about humility not how much particularly.  Size and other weights are in His hands.  He wants to know that we are interested in the size and measures that He wants.  But true humility asks!

So if you have a physical need or desire He wants to be involved with how it works for you therefore HE wants us to ask. So it is more important to know what to ask for than it is to ask for something!  How do we know what to ask for?  Ask and ye shall receive. It’s not about not asking because we don’t deserve it or that HE doesn’t want to bless us it’s about who to ask, how to ask, when to ask, what to ask, where to ask, not if or should.

So how do we know these things about asking?  Ask!!


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