Grants Galore!

February 15, 2010

Notice our new about page.  We are looking forward to getting some new resources into our blog.  There is a new link called in the Grants and resources category, check it out.  It is the local clearing house type of library that you can join for just $100.00 per year and get the best grant research tools for the entire area in the entire D/FW area.  They are the, Funding Information Center and are the central clearing house for all government grants, endowments, scholarships and virtually any grant, no- payback loan, and private foundation source grants, endowments, in-kind donations, training, and philanthropically sound seminars and education in the entire system.  This place is awesome.  The director is accommodating and professional as are all of the volunteers.

You can visit this place in person in Fort Worth or work completely on-line.  Their contact information is on the site. Think about it for less than $8.35 per month you can have access to everything that the grant hawkers have been trying to sell you for years.  The educational workshops seminars and classes will cost you a fraction of what they would if you don’t become a member and almost nothing if you do become a member, compared to what these hawkers and professional consultants charge to do the same thing that they will teach and make available to you. You can do it better yourself, because you know more what to search for and how to present it better than any third party would.  If you choose to you could turn around and offer your services to others and know how to do it professionally, scrupulously, with integrity and legally. There are laws about the offering of these services for fees and they can teach you about this too.  You can learn all about how to start a non-profit organization and find all of the tools and resources that you will need to do it at the Funding Information Center. Check them out.


5 Responses to “Grants Galore!”

  1. Wow! Thanks a lot! I always desired to write in my web-site something like that. May i quote part of your post to my weblog?

    • Percival, thanks for the comment. You may qoute from m, article for sure. If you want to exchange links feel free to send a link back. Frrl free to rss feed from my blog and sign up for the email to get the latest article content along with lots of great links and resources. TKR

  2. Eduard Dawson Says:

    Sounds like a good deal to me. However, aren’t things like these supposed to come free? Even to the search and ye shall find bit in hunting down for grants.

    Unless this service can warrant that you won’t be running into scammers, I suppose it’s helpful. What makes it special than the good old method other than it’s convenient and easy to use?

    Eduard Dawson

    Grant Forums

    • The point is well taken but already spoken.. Yes these services are supposed to be free. But most articles that you see and most other resources are going to eventually ask for something. We do warrant that there are no scams or scammers here. The fact that it is convenient and easy to use is the point and the research that has been done over the last 20 years is what makes it easy to use. So that is pretty special. The good old method of tedious research does not offer a better solution than to find all of this information right here at your fingertips without spending all of your time researching one has been afforded more time tom plan, apply, propose and attend any interviews along with any reporting and meetings of update that need to be attended to just get the money that one needs for the projects that they are involved in. plus it affords one time for the projects themselves.

    • Eduard, There are many things that make it special. The thing that I would like to bring to your attention today though is that we can have this intelligent discourse about it and that here in this comment section you can add your expertise along with links to resources. I believe that we can build a strong community of resources this way. I am open to your suggestions and want this to be your blog as well as mine. I will be following up with articles that will keep the dialogue open to the value of any of the resources that we feature here and that will allow everyone who becomes a part of this community to contribute and benefit in any positive way possible. The idea is to get the resources into the hands of those that need them instead of them getting burned by spending what little resource that they have on promises from would be grant writers and scammers that aren’t interested in getting the information to them anyway. There are many other nuggets to discover. For in stance if you browse through the links you will find a link for the Dallas Public Library that basically teaches philanthropy in the sense of how to start and build your own non-profit 501(c)3 organization. This link is also chock full of other valuable no-pay resources, like pro-bono attorneys to help you through the process. It is a free resource to those that have the ingenuity to access the internet and a telephone. Although the resource is free there are resources to expend in attaining the information and putting it to use. As you probably already know , the resource of having a 501(c)3 set up to aid one in their search and apprehension of grants and other “Free” resources is a very valuable tool.
      Thanks again for your provocative and interesting posts. TKR

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