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Blogging at Denny’s Blog For Real!

March 5, 2010

Blogging At Denny’s

I’m back.  Yep I’m actually back at Denny’s with my lap top.  I do mean my lap top.  I have been using this little screen Toshiba for over a month.  I finally got my Work Horse HP Pavilion dv9000 with the original Windows Media edition software back from the local Fry’s.  That experience, was about to become a blog project of its own.  Thank God that one of the employees found a copy of back up discs in a trash pile that she was looking in.

But the last post in regards to this little project right here was on the Resources Unlimited Blog so I decided to post this transitional post onto it and the new Blogging at Denny’s blog.

There has been a lot of hardware, software and regular daily weirdness that has kept me form the blog posts of the past few weeks and although I realize the importance of the utility post and of not showing up for blog work, there has been enough going on to keep me completely out of the blog sphere altogether. 

I’m not trying to excuse my absence just let you faithful readers know why you may have missed me and my comments.

This post doesn’t promise to give a whole lot up itself, but I believe that it at least offers some explanation and starts to bring the upcoming articles of substance into focus and recognition as real copy or content.  Any way just suffice it to say that the Denny’s is very quite.  Not the usual 20 cops or any of the local college flavor that slips in from time to time.  Just me,  a manager, the La La’s  (Hispanic bus boy and outspoken server which call each other that out of misunderstood broken English goofs) and another server and a cook.  All of which seem to be in the back minding their own business, whatever that is.

They are all coming alive with mandatory work presentations in the back as I write.  This post will be kind of short tonight because of all other articles that I need to be writing for the other (not as fun but more mandatory blogs) that I need to and must be writing soon.

More to come – but I have to go!!!  See you at the next Denny’s blog post!  TKR