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There’s A Great New Face Book Group, That You Should Check Out!

March 12, 2010

Hello High Point friends.  Pastor Gary Simons has started a new Face Book Group called “Church by God’s Design”.  Its name sake is, of course, Pas’ book by the same title – “Church by God’s Design”.  The subtitle is a brief and excellent summation of the content of the book, “Building A Modern Day Book Of Acts Church”, which focuses on God’s vision for the Church through the seven key principals of the Seven Pillars vision as given to Pastor Gary. 


          The group features news and updates of upcoming events at High Point Church and excerpts from the book.  Here is a very recent post and update from Pastor Gary, taken from the Face Book wall.


“I am so excited about our Church by God’s Design Conference.” “Mark your calendars now to attend the conference October 20th-23rd.” “I am especially excited to announce the following Seven Pillars speakers for the Church by God’s Design Conference:”

Reinhard Bonnke-Mission