Free Stuff From Your Free Email Account

March 23, 2010

Yes you can get all of the stuff in the title for free from,,,,, and others. I will begin a series of articles in the next few days with tutorials about how to get these things to work for you. Simple things like your own home page from google called igoogle, blogs from google’s You can get hundreds if not thousands if gadgets for your blog from google. offers a free website that is professional and east to set up. Yahoo offers all of these things too. From their home page set up. You know where you get the weather and movie star updates. Watch for these articles, because they will possibly be mixed in with other articles. Go ahead; sign up for the email reports. They are free and will get this and every article that I write straight to you email box as soon as it is posted. Bringing you all types of information about how to use your internet, email, browsers, outlook, and lot’s of other stuff like software downloads, security and spyware questions, connection and install questions and even Microsoft Word and other MS software questions. Even writing and email etiquette tips You can also leave questions yourself in the comment sections of any of these articles and get them answered to your satisfaction and with great accuracy and common everyday lingo, to make the experience anything but technical and yes it’s free. So come on don’t be afraid that’s the first answer to every computer question is don’t be afraid it won’t break. Thanks for your support and interest in . Keith Russell


One Response to “Free Stuff From Your Free Email Account”

  1. Man this is a cool article says Frankie!

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