About Resources Unlimited

I’m Keith Russell. You  can find out more about me at http://thekeithrussellsblog.wordpress.com Resources Unlimited is about helping organizations, ministries, missions, companies, individuals and virtualy anyone to obtain the resources that they are looking for.  No matter how small the need or desire is or how large, how possible it seems or how impossible it seems.

We truely believe and have evidence to prove that any and all resources are unlimited and that the key to obtaining them is within you.  Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within you and that we should seek the kingdom of God and right standing with Him and in this that he would add to us all these things that the gentiles seek after.  Or in other words pay attention to your spiritual health and He would take care of your other  needs and desires.

He said that HE would supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory if we took care of the ones that were showing the principals of God to us.  He also said that if we gave that He would give to us, good measure, pressed down shaken together and running over.

But just before saying this HE said that when any man asked that we should give.  In fact in Luke where this is referenced from He didn’t implie but commanded that we should go the extra hundred miles in giving unto those that ask.  He also gave instructions for rich christians specifically and said in fact that if our brother asked for something that we had ro sapre and didn’t give it to him but said I’ll bless you verbally and wish you well or go and be filled then that was evidence that hte love of God did not dwell in our hearts.

What did He give as qualifiers to give?  Was it an ID a zip code or a social security number?  No the qualifiers were the needs and the asking.  You can contact us through leaving your comments here or by email at resourcesunlimitedblog@live.com  or by calling 817-427-4706  Get in touch with us and ask!  We will work together to find what you need.  Thank You TKR  Keith Russell


One Response to “About Resources Unlimited”

  1. Nancy & Tom Chafin Says:

    We are not sure how this works but were given this website to check. We are in need of help to cut wood for winter and clean up fallen trees on our property. I’m not sure that is what you help with so we are asking.
    In Christ,

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