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Renew Your Resources!

February 14, 2010

I’m on my way to Church to renew my resources!


A cool website that I found while searching for our blog!

January 12, 2010  This site is all about the disc profile types and disc profile analysis.  They offer these disc profiles online there are apparently several different disc profile patterns that can be determined through a series of disc profile questions and this composes the entire disc profile system when the disc profile test is added to the bundle.  There is disc profile training, free disc profiles, free disc profile tests, free online disc profiles, paper disc profiles.  You can get a complete disc profile explanation from their site.  You can take the disc profile personality test, order the disc profile book or books, along with many other disc profile products.  Including disc profile reports, disc profile results, disc profile software and disc personality analysis.  You can learn all of the disc personality types and apparently your own disc personality type.  You can take a free disc personality test and get your free disc personality profile.  This site is apparently everything disc. Again all of this free stuff will keep you active enough (the marketing media on the internet says if you actively participate in a site more than eight times the odds are you are going to buy something.  So what does this disc stuff have to do with unlimited resources?  From what I can tell it is just their philosophy of all of the resource that you will need are inside of you and when you understand your personality type and the other psychological things that these tests reveal about you and your personality type then you be able to tape those resources thus giving you unlimited potential.  Is this a site with the unlimited resources that most of us common searchers are looking for?  I don’t think so. Can you learn about your personality and some other pertinent things about yourself and probably others?    You can learn some stuff about Microsoft access training, it training, ms project training, corporate training, sales training, management training, pmp training tools, web design training, training assessment tools and psychological assessments and profiling, coaching, team building seminars about disc profiling and training and a host of other stuff about disc training.  But you want to find out about where to get help for autism, homelessness, poverty, diabetes, kidney associations, grants, Alzheimer’s, where the “Free Stuff” (best bargains and no pay back loans, where to get the best of all of the resources that you are looking for?  You need to come back here, to the blog.  Thanks for hanging out with me today at Denny’s. TKR