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The Best Local Resources Article Series

August 6, 2010

The Best Local Resources Article Series

Today we are going to take a look at the best way to get the best deals on Clothing and accessories.  Although this information is good for both the female and male consumer, we will focus on the female influence and flair of the interview with one of our dearest and most respected friends, Miss Precious Harris.

We will start with revealing the two best Goodwill Super Stores in the area to buy women’s clothing and accessories.  The first store is here in Arlington at the corner of Cooper and Arkansas at 1100 West Arkansas.  Their phone number is 817-459-2688.  The store hours for both stores are M-T 9am to 7pm, F-S 9am to 9pm and Sunday 12pm to 5pm.  The second of her favorite Goodwill Super Stores is at 825 West Pipeline Road in Hurst Texas.  Their phone number is 817-590-0327

Miss Harris assured me, in this interview, that although some of the other local Goodwill stores, like the S. Cooper and the Matlock Store may have good deals on women and men’s clothing and accessories from time to time, that they are not as consistent and that they don’t seem to have the pricing standard that these two stores do.  They do have some great deals on household goods and the like.  Another great tip from Precious is that the third Wednesday in every moth – everything in the entire store is 50% off. This is a GREAT TIP.

There are a number of other thrift stores in the area and we plan to do an entire article on these stores and HOW TO shop them.  A quick mention as far as second hand and a few new things, especially accessories, is the mention of the Traders Village Flea Market and Precious said that there were some really special deals here.  But plan to spend some time, probably an entire day just scouting the best ones out.

Another couple of great stores mentioned were the Ross store in Arlington and Grand Prairie.  These stores have great deals on new designer clothing and accessories, a particular item that Precious shops for in these stores are jeans.  These stores take less time to shop and are easily accessible in strip shopping centers.

Burlington is another place to get discounts on designer and classic clothing.  This store has everything from jeans and slacks to handbags, jackets and coats, plus lots of great accessories.  Another great store is the plus sizes at Sublett and Cooper has great deals on luggage, handbags, fashion jewelry and sterling silver.

Sam Moon in Dallas on Harry Hines and in Irving at 211 Cowboys Parkway number is (972) 484- 3084.  These stores are famous for high quality designer handbags and luggage.   While we’re on Harry Hines, let’s talk a little bit about the Asian Trading Company and the other greatly discounted stores in the discount corner between Walnut Hill Lane and IH635.   These stores are great for wholesale/retail pricing and offer true wholesale prices for those who buy with a business tax ID and/or in bulk.  Precious told me that it’s best to plan to end your shopping days at these store locations on Harry Hines by 4:00 pm because that un – sundry movement begins in this neighborhood shortly after dusk.

For great deals on jeans, Precious shops at TJ Maxx and Ross.  A note that I have been taking seriously, is the fact that the old 30’s Madison Avenue look with the bunched crops with full pleated and flowing bottom fittings in the dress that depicts this era the best are in full fashion swing this fall.  They come in lots of great bright and subdued colors and several two-tone patterns including prints and solids.

If you are looking for the best deals in the D/FW area and want the smartest fashions and the most recent trends, just keep up with us as we interview Precious Harris in future articles.  Please don’t hesitate to leave your comment about tips that you may know of here at, terrific deals, great value and the newest fashions are just a beginning of the great resources that we will be featuring in upcoming articles.  Leave your suggestions, comments and ideas.  We look forward to them. TKR