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So I’m starting a Blogging at Denny’s blog!

February 24, 2010

Hey ya’ll,  You might remember a couple of articles that I wrote a while back about blogging at Denny’s.  Well, I got so much good input from my final draft editor and from my paper publishers editor that I’ve decided to write a Blogging at Denny’s Blog.  It’s already up at but I haven’t choose a templete design, widgets or anything yet.  How ever I will have it “cooking (pardon the pun) with gas this coming week!  That makes over 32 blogs!  Wow I have to work where I eat to just get to eat!  Let me know about your ideas by email at .

I am going to have a blog opening up on the platform very soon.  I”ll keep you guys posted (another punny statement)!  Help me and my webmdesigner/hosting guy ( ) figure out how to make my website the best it can be, by checking it out and emailing your suggestions to .  The site link is .  Thanks gang. TKR